TH210: the compact and versatile junction box

The effective protection of electrical and electronic components from water, dust and mechanical stress is of primary importance for the operation and safety of a system.

Among the Techno solutions that meet this need, the newcomer is TH210, which enriches the range of TEEBOX® junction boxes.


Small footprint, lots of space

With compact external dimensions compared to similar products on the market, TH210 offers a useful space inside xyz 80-108-34 mm, which allows the insertion of electrical and electronic components such as terminal blocks, LED drivers, power supply and control systems for antennas and sensors.

Its height of only 42 mm is a unique feature for this type of product and determines maximum flexibility of installation in any situation, as well as attachment or fastening to a machine, panel or support using the special screws provided on the bottom of the box.

Highly customisable

TH210 is available in 3 main versions (depending on the position of the outputs) and can be customised by purchasing the necessary Techno accessories.

As a result, it’s possible to use it in combination with a wide range of Techno components, such as TEEBLOCK® terminal blocks, TEEGLAND® cable glands of the TH450 series, TEEPLUG® plug-socket connectors, especially the TH381 and TH387 connectors, end caps for unused outputs and many other accessories, as well as standard electrical components and power supplies and drivers of the main brands.


XDRY® effect

TH210 has obtained IP66-67-68 and IK10 certifications for mechanical resistance at an ambient temperature of 25° C, in compliance with EN60529 and EN60998.
Model no. THA.210.A0A is equipped with resin containment separators at the two side outlets with M20 hole, which, as for all the products in the XDRY® range, interrupt the rising of humidity from the cable due to capillary action.

Remote control 

The TH210 is particularly suitable for remotely connecting or controlling/powering a lighting or home automation system.
For example, by inserting a 24V Led dimmable driver (DALI-KNX-DMX) with TH381 connection system, it is possible to manage several remotely located lighting fixtures through the 4 available outputs.


Severe/stressful operating conditions

In industrial automation, for integrating electronic parts or sensitive wiring, it is suitable for the most critical applications characterised by the presence of dust, high humidity and frequent high-pressure water jets.


Street lighting e sensoristica

The product can also be used for street lighting and public area lighting, or in applications such as air quality monitoring stations, where the box guarantees maximum protection for its electronic ‘heart’, such as sensors, modules and radio antennas that operate in conditions of permanent exposure to atmospheric agents.


Choose, configure and request TH210

TH210 is born as a configurable product: it is possible to request versions and pre-assemblies of terminal blocks and/or wiring, both internal and external, depending on the application.
Techno’s sales office and agencies are at the disposal of designers and specifiers to provide further information on the product, its features and the code and packaging configurations that can be ordered.

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