The future is connected

The fundamental key to the successful implementation of IoTH solutions is the ability to “communicate and exchange data”, which is why it is essential to use an ecosystem of partners who can provide a comprehensive range of specific skills to integrate IoT systems efficiently and safely. The application world of IoT solutions is a multifaceted market subject to the rapid pace of technological development. We are constantly looking for partners to join us on this journey towards a complex future in which elements such as connection, home automation, and the web will be the undisputed protagonists.

Doing business together

Our products and processes are perfectly integrated with the new concept of IoT platforms. A different way of doing business, where our know-how evolves and grows continuously. In the realm of IoTH, new business ideas are constantly being born, and open systems that meet unique needs and generate knowledge and opportunities in the marketplace are continually evolving. We never stop revising our offering to keep pace with the market. We are at the forefront of collaborating with people and companies by creating partnerships, exchanging knowledge, and implementing cutting-edge projects.

From product to solution

In a changing and versatile landscape, increasingly characterised by the intersection of sectors and cross-media, our skills evolve and combine perfectly with those of the IoT world: electronics, software, and sensors. Collaborations give rise to synergies capable of opening new horizons, sharing know-how, and creating unique solutions on the market. Our partners, working with us on new business ideas, are a key source of value. Partnerships have constantly raised the bar of what we can offer, implementing existing aspects and creating new ones.

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Become a partner

In today’s landscape, for individual devices to work, a stable, secure, integrated and compatible connection with the various platforms is a sine qua non. Thanks to our collaborations at Techno, we have created a network of companies that integrate their products and services to offer market-efficient solutions capable of responding to all the technological requirements necessary for the proper functioning of the IoT ecosystem. Our goal is to create an ever-wider network of collaborations with which to mutually integrate solutions that can meet all the technological and efficiency requirements required by the market.

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