Company reorganization – “IoT Ready”

Techno has adopted a new organizational model that provides for the creation of a new department that has been designated to develop business diversification and innovative products, identify new applications, and forge commercial and technological collaborations with strategic partners.

Its manager is Mauro Nodari (Director of Product and Business Development), an electrical engineer who specializes in the development and industrialization of electromechanical and optoelectronic systems in various fields such as avionics, electronics and microelectronics. His solid experience concerning lighting products and systems, especially in relation to light fittings for street, architectural and large-scale industrial applications, has allowed him to work, not only as a technical engineer but also as a market developer, for different industry-leading businesses in this sector.

From components to system specialist

“The increase in the range of applications of our connectors is the first important step of our strategy that aims to turn our passive products into active ones (loT ready). In other words, our company products will be able to read or convey information, so there won’t be only wired products anymore, but also wireless. From this perspective, for example, we have already equipped our TH625 connector with an electronic board, but we plan on being able to develop a range of “native” loT products by 2021, that is to say a range of completely new products not based on a reinterpretation of the existing ones.

This will give us the opportunity to forge product-market partnerships with engineering and service companies operating in Italy and worldwide, so that they can employ our solutions more and more”, Mauro Nodari explains.

Techno’s lead role in strategic partnerships

Besides the significant change in terms of products and processes, the “new phase” of Techno brings about an enhancement of the marketing activities, the introduction of new services and the strengthening of the activities which support export.

“It is an important investment that will make our company grow more rapidly, in the name of proactivity towards the actors who operate at the beginning and at the end of our production chain”, Sandro Galli, President and CEO of Techno, explains.

“We are aiming for the development of new products and solutions in co-design with our partners, with the perspective of increasing their loyalty and the ultimate purpose of reducing the time to market. A reorganization that will project us beyond the traditional logic of the customer-supplier relationship, in order to create and share development opportunities with our market partners.”

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